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Patent Litigation

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Why You Want Us by Your Side

With unrivaled experience and mastery of patent litigation in the state of California, Cohen IP Law Group, P.C. is simply the right choice to prosecute or defend against claims in cases of patent infringement.

While also versed in other aspects of intellectual property law – such as trademark, copyright, and trade secrets – patent litigation is at the core of our firm. As such, we’ve built over the years a small but relentless team of experts in the field.

Our Background in Patent Litigation

In the past, we’ve worked on many patent-related cases for clients of all sizes, performing tasks like:

  • Reverse engineering a production process to support a patent infringement analysis.
  • Patent infringement analysis to build a case against misappropriation of tech.
  • Invalidity analysis of a wrongful infringement claim against a recognized company.
  • Prosecuting and bringing to a swift end a case of infringement against one of our major clients.

The Key to Patent Litigation

A patent is one of the most valuable – and potentially vulnerable – assets a company has.

Oftentimes, cases involving them sprawl into multiple strands and complexities that can end up affecting (or even crippling) a company’s ability to do business. Regardless of your industry, and the side of the courtroom you are sitting on, no operation is made easier by litigation.

This is something we want you to know we understand; as patent litigation runs the risk of leading businesses to significant loses.

Our fundamental principle when approaching patent-related cases is to enact decisive and comprehensive methodologies. Geared to either halting infringements or safeguarding you from wrongful accusations in the shortest timeframe possible, minimizing your potential losses and setbacks.

That’s the key philosophy you’ll have backing you up once you decide to take us on are your patent litigation asset.

Want to know the full scope of all we can do for your case? Just give us a call or send us an email today, and we’ll show you what an asset we can be.