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Michael Cohen represented our company in a trade dress infringement case against a major US corporation. They were undaunted by the challenge of going up against a large army of highly regarded corporate attorneys. Their thoroughness, tenacity, and knowledge of trademark law resulted in a favorable outcome of the case for our company.

- Michael Cram

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Los Angeles Trademark Infringement Litigation Attorney

Trademark and IP infringement litigation is what we love to do.

Our firm has developed particular expertise in trademark infringement litigation over the years. In fact, many of our clients come to us only for trademark and related IP claims because of our thorough understanding of trademark law.

We understand how important your business name and reputation is and we know how to effectively protect it. When choosing an attorney to pursue infringers or to defend the livelihood of your business, you need an experienced litigator intimately familiar with trademark, unfair competition, and trade secret law and the proper strategy for settlement when necessary.

Whether it is in federal or state court or a UDRP action, we achieve results in trademark infringement cases.

Our firm has experience in obtaining ex parte temporary restraining orders, winning on summary judgment motions, and obtaining judgments against defendants. Also, our strong background in transactional trademark law gives us a richer understanding of the litigation arena.

For example, if you are faced with allegations of trademark fraud against the USPTO our attorneys understand how a Statement of Use or a response to an Office Action was filed will affect the outcome. Our firm was rated among the top trademark firms in the nation in the 2009 edition of IP Today Magazine. Further, we have litigated cybersquatting claims, have attacked foreign defendants via UDRP proceedings, and we have initiated and defended a multitude of trademark Opposition and Cancellation proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our Los Angeles trademark lawyers understand the federal court system and easily litigate pro hace vice in many states such as New York, Texas, Maryland, and Florida among other states.

Because of the changing nature of business and the significance of the Internet and online e-commerce, the trademark counsel you choose must be familiar and well-versed in all of the above-referenced forms of litigation. Based on our experience, we can advise you of the pros and cons of the different forms of trademark claims and the right proceeding to pursue while keeping in mind your legal budget. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in trademark law and invite you to contact us to discuss your matter with us.

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Trademarks are a form of intellectual property rights for elements that identify a product or service’s source.


Patents help those who have developed an invention and seek to protect it.