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At Cohen IP Law Group, P.C., our intellectual property lawyers have extensive expertise in all aspects of the law, with a fundamental focus in intellectual property.

Here’s an overview of those aspects to give you a solid idea of what our firm is equipped to handle on your behalf:


Trademarks are a form of intellectual property rights for elements that identify a product or service’s source. They help businesses differentiate their goods from that of the competition’s, and assist customers to know what they are getting and from whom.

Brand’s logos, slogans, names, and even sounds can be trademarked.

Our two most common services regarding trademarks are trademark searches and applications.

Trademark Searches

Performing a trademark search before filing for one is essential to avoid problems down the road. Click Here and visit our trademark searches section and find out more.

Trademark Applications

We have a lot of experience in this area, having filed hundreds of trademark applications with the USPTO for our clients. Click Here to learn more details.


Patents are another form of intellectual property used to secure inventions. Once issued, patents belong to the inventor or organization owning the rights. Once held, a patent can be licensed to others for use of the invention, or outright sold.

Unlike other forms of IP, patents have to comply with a number of stringent conditions to be issued. Our services are designed to make that process as easy as possible.

Patent Searches

Patent searches involve examining existing patents related to your invention to figure out if your new idea has already been patented. A necessary step before applying for one. You can Click Here to go to our section on patent searches and find out more.

Patent Application

Once you have developed an invention you need to protect it, which can be a complicated process. Especially without the proper guidance. That’s what we are here for, Click Here to get more details.

Patent Office Actions

The patenting process doesn’t end when an application is filed with the USPTO. That only triggers a lengthy process of examination and vetting that takes place before your patent is issued. We are well versed in this process and will guide you through it, Click Here to learn how.

Design Patents

Design patents are a particular form on IP protection for the ornamental design and appearance of a functional item, that lasts 14 years from issuing. Our lawyers have dealt with many of these patents in the past, Click Here to learn how they can assist with yours too.


Copyrights are a form of IP that governs artistic and creative works. They represent the legal right of a creator to print, publish, perform, film, or record any form of literary, artistic, or musical material.

Copyrights can be exclusive or assignable, and they remain in place for several years depending on the specifics of the creation.

We offer a number of comprehensive solutions and services when it comes to Copyrights. Click Here to get more details about when you might need to copyright a piece of content.

Niche Practices

Over the years accruing experience in the legal framework in the state of California, our attorneys have specialized in several legal niches. Deepening their proficiency and understandings of those particular industries to offer more efficient and comprehensive assistance to our clients.

Here are some of those areas of expertise where we can be a powerful asset:

Business Law

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, our firm has experience helping others like you navigate even the most complex aspects of business law. Do you need to incorporate? Under what conditions should you sell your startup? We can provide the right answers.

Entertainment Law

Being a practicing firm in the state of California, entertainment law is second-nature to our team. If your film, music venture, or modeling project reached the point of needing legal advice, it’s time to contact our entertainment attorneys.

Employment Law

Our team routinely advise clients on many state and federal-related employment issues. If you need such representation, we’ve got your back.

Japanese Law

We offer common legal service to our Japanese clients. その他のご相談についてもお気軽にお問い合わせください

Internet Law

Nowadays, there’s hardly a business that doesn’t happen online at some level. Our firm is extremely well-versed and experienced in dealing with internet-related legal issues such as domain theft.

If you are looking for assistance in any of these specific areas of expertise, do not hesitate to Contact Us!


Litigation comprises a big part of what we do here at Cohen IP Law Group. Often used as a defensive measure to safeguard corporate assets and their intellectual property. Whether you are a plaintiff seeking to achieve expedited injunctive relief, or a defendant trying to protect your rights, we can achieve a cost-effective solution to prevent or minimize additional harm.

Some of the areas of litigation where we are most experienced:

Trademark Litigation.
Patent Litigation.
Copyright Litigation.
Business Litigation.

If you need assistance in this realm, get in touch today and let us help!