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I have been working with The Cohen IP Law Group for over 16 years; they made registering all of our trademarks a breeze.

- David O.

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Contact Michael Cohen for an interview, quote, commentary or media appearance. Mr. Cohen can be available on short notice and can be reached at 310-288-4500. Mr. Cohen’s bio is available here.

 Common Media Topics Include:

  • Right of Publicity
  • Entertainment Law
  • Copyright and Trademark Infringement
  • Technology and Patent Matters
  • Celebrity Disputes
  • First Amendment & Fair Use Defenses
  • Trade Secret and other Intellectual Property controversies

Billboard Magazine

Michael Cohen Quoted in Billboard Magazine Regarding Journey Trademark Dispute. Billboard Magazine – March 23, 2023

Business Insider

Michael Cohen was interviewed in Business Insider regarding a trademark legal battle between a small-business owner and a $2.5 billion health-tech company. Business Insider – February 23, 2023

Michael Cohen was interviewed regarding the USFL trademark dispute. USFL – June 16, 2021

Michael Cohen Interviewed by KABC News 7 Regarding COVID-19 Contact Tracing API. KABC New 7 – April 30, 2020

Michael Cohen Interviewed by About the Patenting Process. Read, How to Patent an Idea. And Is it Really Worth it? foundr – April 19, 2020

Michael Cohen Interviewed by Business Insider Podcast “Brought to you by…” Regarding IP Issues of the Whoopee Cushion – Listen to the podcast here. Business Insider – April 14, 2020

Quoted In How a Brand Name Becomes Generic

When you need to blow your nose, there’s a good chance you ask for a Kleenex, even if the box being handed to you doesn’t bear the Kimberly-Clark-owned Kleenex logo. […]  The New York Times – June 24, 2019

Quoted in Man Who Claims To be Bitcoin’s Inventor Registers Copyright for Its Code

The U.S. Copyright Office awarded self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright registrations for the whitepaper and early computer code underlying the original cryptocurrency. […] Bloomberg – May 21, 2019

Quoted in How to Patent an Idea. And is it Really Worth It?

Imagine you have a true million-dollar idea. You know, a real world-changer. What would you do? Throw it on Shopify and start selling ASAP? Bury all evidence in the woods behind your house?[…] foundr – April 15, 2019

Interview for Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 39 – In Harmony

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone is a comedy field guide to life, or at least a set of IKEA assembly instructions. Where else can you find advice on topics from “How To Keep a Friend” to “How To Translate Your Verizon Bill?” […] Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone  April 8, 2019

Quoted in Is a Tobacco Giant Trying to Take Over the Vape Pen Market?

Altria, the parent company of tobacco giant Philip Morris whose $1.8 billion investment in a cannabis company was announced Friday […] LeaflyDecember 11, 2018

Quoted in NBC News, Student Palestinian group claims UCLA trademark complaint is effort to stifle speech

The National Students for Justice in Palestine were given a cease and desist letter from UCLA for its artwork promoting a national conference being held here. […] NBC News – November 30, 2018

Quoted in MedMen’s Cannabis Trademark Try: PR Stunt or Genius Move?

In the middle of finalizing the biggest-ever deal in American cannabis industry history—the $682 million takeover of a rival company, announced earlier this month […] Leafly – October 30, 2018

Quoted in Kaepernick’s Trademark Application for Face, Hair Is ‘Ambitious’ IP Lawyer Says

The application filed by Bruce H. Bernstein, a co-managing partner at Greenblum & Bernstein, includes nearly a score of classes of products and services. […] Corporate Counsel – October 12, 2018

Quoted in EasyGroup Could Have Tough Time in Trademark Suit Against Netflix

EasyGroup owner Stelios Haji-Ioannou is facing off against Netflix and director Joe Swanberg over the use of the word “easy.” Does a trademark suit over such a commonplace word stand a chance? […] Corporate Counsel – October 4, 2018

Quoted in Weight Watchers Trademark Name Change

Inside Track: Drop the Weight, Change Your Name. Plus, New Playbook for the Mavericks After Scandal and In-House Movers […] – September 26, 2018

Visiting Lecturer, IP Rights and Cannabis

Southwestern University School of Law Los Angeles, California – June 30, 2018

Speaker, IP and Patents for Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Southern California

Santa Monica, California – March 30, 2018

Interviewed, CBS AM 1070

Regarding Supreme Court ruling on “The Slants” trademark and impact on the Redskins – June 19, 2017

Quoted In “Can Gene Simmons Trademark His Horns Gesture?”

Gene Simmons of KISS is claiming ownership of the ubiquitous devil’s horns hand gesture he flashes in photos and in front of fans. […] The L.A. Times  June 15, 2017

Quoted In “Biotech ‘trial of the century’ could determine who owns CRISPR”

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Virginia heard arguments Dec. 6 from the University of California, Berkeley and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard  […] Northern California Record  December 16, 2016

Interviewed In “Intellectual Property & Licensing Law Roundtable. What Businesses Need to Know”

As the legal landscape continues to evolve in terms of intellectual property and licensing law, the Los Angeles Business Journal once again turned to some of the leading IP attorneys […] Los Angeles Business Journal November 14, 2016

Interviewed In “Could Kanye West Get Sued By Celebs Depicted as Naked in ‘Famous’?”

Yeezy is no stranger to controversy — but this time he might have gone too far. […] Entertainment Tonight June 27, 2016

Interviewed, CBS AM 1070

Regarding Supreme Court ruling on “The Slants” trademark and impact on the Redskins – June 19, 2017

Interviewed, EstrellaTV Noticias 62 Television

Regarding El Chapo and trademarks – January 28, 2016

Speaker, LA Gadget Expo

Regarding IP Rights Los Angeles, California December 6, 2015

Speaker, Retiro Empresarial with Carlos Marquez

Rancho Mirage, California  December 7, 2014

Interviewed, KABC 790AM radio with Bryan Suits Show

Landmark Redskins Trademark Decision – June 18, 2014

Quoted In “US law firm threatens the newspaper ‘Der Sonntag’ with complaint”

According to the threatened lawsuit, attorney Michael N. Cohen sent this AZ to publisher Peter Wanner, editor-in-chief Patrik Müller and author Christian Mensch, at the beginning of the month. […] The Klein Report, Switzerland July 11, 2012

Quoted In “Aargau Against Americans”

It was an interesting story that “Der Sonntag” presented in mid-June. The article was titled “The Devil Wears Runway ” […]  Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland –  July 10, 2012

Quoted In “In Shift, Pinterest Says to Pin Your Own Stuff”

Pinterest, the social-media site that enables users to “share all the beautiful things” they find on the Web, has a message for its “pinners”: Self-promotion isn’t shameful after all. […] The Wall Street Journal March 26, 2012

Quoted In “LA Based Wildfox Couture Pulls Goods After Hells Angels Lawsuit”

Not many people want to test the wrath of the Hells Angels, particularly when they take you to court.  […] California Apparel News September 9, 2011

Quoted In “Trademarks May Help Companies Skirt Patent Woes”

Faced with a growing number of obstacles for securing and enforcing patent rights, businesses seeking alternatives for intellectual property projection are turning to  […] Law 360 June 2010

Lecturer CLE, Trademark Primer for the Business Lawyer

Attorney Credits – May 2010

Interviewed on Trademark and IP Ownership

Urban Lyfe Styles – December 2008

Speaker at the Nanotechnology and Clean Technology Forum

San Bernardino, California –  August 2008

Interviewed in “US Supreme Court’s Ruling Impacting Internet Pornography”

 KSRO AM/CNN Affiliate Radio – May 2008

Interviewed on

As Expert on Intellectual Property LawAugust 2007

Speaker at the Canberra Australia Business Council

Regarding IP and Business Issues for the Australian Technology Company’s Entry to the US Market Canberra, Australia –  August 2007

Speaker for Park Law Firm

Patent Bar Review Los Angeles, California –  November 2006

Interviewed in “Legal Ramifications of Robert Sillerman’s stake in the Elvis Presley Enterprises”

BBC News Radio – April 2006



Trademarks are a form of intellectual property rights for elements that identify a product or service’s source.


Patents help those who have developed an invention and seek to protect it.