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The Cohen team has helped me secure 3 utility patents, which are extremely difficult to procure.

- Daniel C.

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If you have developed an invention and seek to protect it, you need an experienced patent attorney licensed with the state and registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) who can guide you through the patenting process. Your application will either be a Utility, Design, Plant, or Provisional Application. During our consultation, we will advise you as to which type of application is appropriate for your invention.

Via the U.S. Patent Act from 1790, an applicant for a patent, if approved, is granted the sole and exclusive right to make, construct, use, and sell to others any useful part, manufacture, device, or any improvement thereon not before known or used that he or she registers with the Patent Office.

Patents provide protection from infringement by others on your invention for twenty years. A patent can be protected in court, leading to monetary damages and/or a license for any future uses of your invention. Licensing fees are a tremendous indirect economic benefit of patents.

Patents are property. Therefore, they can be used to give potential investors in a business you seek to base around your invention that you have a market cornered or can block competitors from entering into your direct market for a significant period of time. Furthermore, a substantial collection of patents can make a company a strong target for acquisition or merger — another potential economic benefit of applying for patents.

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Trademarks are a form of intellectual property rights for elements that identify a product or service’s source.


Patents help those who have developed an invention and seek to protect it.