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Michael Cohen Interviewed by Foundr.com About the Patenting Process

Patenting process

Foundr.com interviews Michael Cohen in an article that outlines the US patenting process entitled "How to Patent an Idea.  And Is it Really Worth it?"  The article discusses issues such as the types of patents available, the process, patenting costs, and enforcement issues. https://foundr.com/how-to-patent-an-idea?fbclid=IwAR09SD09Owh9opZ9O62myA_zZIazfKkRN7dBxnOxlyZINB7jILfTTUkPayU...

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Bitcoin Copyright

Making Sense of the Bitcoin Copyright Controversy The cryptocurrency world has been shoved once more into the spotlight after Craig Wright – self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin – filed for two U.S. copyright registrations. One for Bitcoin´s whitepaper, and one for most of the crypto´s original code. The news has spread like wildfire through most financial and tech outlets, and for good reasons. As the most valuable and recognized cryptocurrency, any story involving potential ownership of Bitcoin´s underlying tech is bound to have profound economic implications. The problem, though, is that, since the announcement and subsequent developments revolve around copyright law, there´s also a fair...

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What does a trademark protect?

The World Intellectual Property Organization defines a trademark as a “sign that distinguishes the goods or services of a company from those of others.” It can be a word, an image, a symbol, or a combination of those that are used to represent a brand. There are different reasons why a business may need trademark protection. The most important is probably the fact that many of the buying decisions made by consumers are influenced by trademarks. Some trademarks have become household names and even everyday jargon. For example, Google is now used as a verb: as in you just “Googled” “What does...

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How Long Does a Trademark Last?

How long does a Trademark last image

Trademarks are an important part of a business. They are the best way to protect the identity of particular products or services. They also help consumers easily recognize a specific company as the manufacturer or source of a product and encourage customer loyalty. Once a trademark is registered, it is protected from use and misuse by others, and it acquires characteristics similar to other types of property. But, how long does a trademark last? The duration of a trademark registration varies depending on the country laws where it was registered, but it’s typically ten years. How long does a trademark last in...

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USPTO 2018-2022 STRATEGIC PLAN Draft Published

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) publishes its draft 2018-2022 Strategic Plan which is an outline of its mission and goals that it wishes to accomplish in the future. The goals primarily relate to increasing the USPTO's quality and timeliness of prosecuting both patents and trademarks.   For example, one specific action they like to implement is providing examiners with information from applicants' other previously filed patent applications within the USPTO and internationally.  In regards to trademarks, the USPTO desires to "maintain first action pendency between 2.5 and 3.5 months with 12 months or less for disposal pendency".  In other words,...

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Michael Cohen Presents as Visiting Guest Lecturer at Southwestern University School of Law

Michael Cohen of Cohen IP Law Group PC, has recently presented as a visiting guest lecturer regarding Patent and IP rights in connection with cannabis.  The course was the Evolution of Cannabis offered by Southwestern University School of Law, in Los Angeles California. A power point of his presentation is available here: Patent Law and Cannabis....

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Class Action Lawsuit Against PopSugar, Inc.

Cohen IP Law Group, PC announces that it, along with the law firm of Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP, has filed a class action lawsuit against PopSugar, Inc. for violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well as infringement and misappropriation of the content and rights of the class of Internet influencers. The suit stems from PopSugar's acts of infringement when it re-posted unauthorized content and images along with the Influencers’ top-level Instagram headers to its PopSugar's website, and intentionally removed identifying information.  Additional information about the lawsuit has been reported by Law360. The case is Nita Batra v. PopSugar Inc., case number 3:18-cv-03752,...

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Christian Louboutin Trademark Europe Update

LOUBOUTIN WINS KEY LEGAL BATTLE TO PROTECT SIGNATURE RED SOLES FROM COPYING On June 12, 2018, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) handed down a landmark ruling in favor of Louboutin, in which it was determined that Van Haren, a Dutch company, had infringed on Louboutin’s protected trademark by selling a range of red-soled shoes.  The case stems from years of litigation dating back to 2012 between Louboutin and the Dutch footwear company in which Louboutin alleged that Van Haren’s “Fifth Avenue by Halle Berry” collection infringed on its “Red Sole” trademark registration within the European Union. The ruling follows a February...

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Michael Cohen Named to Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Michael Cohen patent lawyer

Cohen IP Law Group PC, is please to announce that attorney Michael N. Cohen has been certified as a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. The Million Dollar Advocates Forum is recognized as one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts, awards and settlements. The organization was founded in 1993 and there are approximately 3000 members located throughout the country. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members. Forum membership acknowledges excellence in advocacy, and provides members with a national network of...

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When Does Your Trademark Protection Begin?

trademark protection

We’ve had the opportunity to talk about how vital a legal tool Trademark is for any company out there. Not only does it promote your brand and provide differentiation in the market.But it also protects your business from others trying to confuse your customers with subpar goods and services. It may also prevent con artists from trying to pass their products as your own. Simply put, a trademark is your best legal recourse to keep the elements that identify your company in the market safe. Once you understand the significance of filing a trademark for elements such as your company’s name or logo,...

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