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Twilight Domain Name Cybersquatting

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Twilight Domain Name Cybersquatting

It could be argued that twilight.com’s owner Tom Markson simply likes the movies, books, and whole Twilight franchise and has no intention of cybersquatting.  But Summit Entertainment, the very lucrative Twilight Franchise’s owner isn’t buying that argument.  Mr. Markson is in no way related to Summit Entertainment, and has owned the twilight.com web site since 1994, far before the rise of the Stephanie Meyer books, and their Hollywood versions.  Twilight.com is being sued by Summit Entertainment for copyright and trademark infringement.   But Markson’s argument seems a little flimsy considering there are Adsense ads on the page, and he’s probably made at least some amount of revenue from such a high profile page and it’s Adsense links.  Making matters worse, the site looks very unprofessional and could give fans the impression that Summit Entertainment is either shabby and clueless, or at least very strange about their marketing efforts.  Markson responded to a cease and desist letter from Summit in 2009 by denying their claims.