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Bratz Trade Secret Litigation $309 million

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Bratz Trade Secret Litigation $309 million

As an update to the Bratz litigation, the Court has ordered Mattel, Inc. to pay MGA Entertainment $309 million.  In one of our prior posts which can be read here, Mattel initially sued MGA for trade secret and copyright infringement over the popular Bratz dolls, and received a judgment against MGA in 2008.  However, in a reversal, the Court then issued a judgment against Mattel finding them liable for trade secret misappropriation.  Now, the Court has finalized its judgment as follows: $85 million, plus another $85 million in punitive damages for trade secrets misappropriation.   Plus another whopping $137 million was awarded for legal fees, totaling close to $309 million against Mattel.  Ouch!  However, no word yet as to Mattel’s appeal.

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