Michael Jordan Trademark Issue in China

February 25, 2012 | In

Michael Jordan Trademark Issue in China

Michael Jordan can certainly relate to Apple’s trademark nightmare in China.  Jordan recently filed a law suit in China against the Chinese company Qiaodan for using his name without permission since 2000.  Qiaodan means “Jordan” in Chinese, and that name is synonymous with basketball there.  Qiaodan has actually filed trademark applications with a trademark attorney for many Jordan-related themes, even names of his children.

According to Michael Jordan:

“It is deeply disappointing to see a company build a business off my Chinese name without my permission, use the number 23 and even attempt to use the names of my children.”

Qiaodan has over 100 Jordan-related trademarks, and its sales are booming in China. Apple’s uphill battle is probably not a good indicator of how Jordan would fare in Chinese intellectual property court.